Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thing #6

Now that Thing #5 has been completed, I've replaced it with another goal: to get rid of 1/2 of all of my clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry.

This one hurts a little, I'll admit, but I've come to the conclusion that I have altogether too much *stuff*, and we all know that *stuff* does absolutely nothing to improve one's overall quality of life. So, I think it's reasonable to find new homes for the excess.

If anyone has any ideas of where I could bring some of my things where it would actually benefit someone who needs it (rather than just being resold to another thrift store junkie like me), please let me know.

Let the tossing begin!


Kat said...

Lindsey - I have a similar "thing" on my list, though I haven't committed to just how much *stuff* I'll be parting with. ("Half" sounds so scary!!) I have to get fairly dressed up for work (suits, button-down shirts, heels, etc.) and the clothes I get rid of are reasonably expensive and usually in great shape, they just don't fit or I don't wear them anymore. Kills me to dump them into one of those giant "donation dumpsters," not knowing if anyone will ever make use of them. Instead, I usually Google for a women's shelter and donate them there. That way, women who are trying to get back on their feet and could use some good "interview" or "work" clothes can make use of them. Also, all my kids' clothes go there, too. They never list the shelter locations online, but if you call, they'll usually give you a church or other "neutral" location where you can make the drop. Good luck! Oh, and don't forget the "before & after" pictures! :-)

Bob said...

You could give it to Goodwill.

Kat said...

Lindsey, how did the tossing go?