Monday, July 16, 2007

Embarrassingly Overdue Update

So, I've been rather busy, blah, blah, blah...

A bit of progress on Thing #2: I've been thumbing through my cookbooks in the hopes of finding something that tickles my fancy, but nothing has really popped out at me yet. Maybe it's silly to confine myself to only my cookbooks, but I figure I should get some use out of them if I'm going to keep them up there on my kitchen shelf. I'm sure I'll find something in one of them soon.

I think it's mentionable here that, though the recipe was not from one of my cookbooks, I did make some raspberry jam the other day. We picked the raspberries on the 4th of July and then I did the jamming a few days later.

I've given all but one jar away. I've always been so flattered and impressed when someone has gifted me a jar of homemade jam, because I assumed that making it was a huge, complicated task. Don't tell anyone, but it's insanely easy. I'm making apricot jam next.

At least this proves that I'm not completely domestically inept.